Product Specification

It is quintessential to have a full grasp of what constitutes in GFRC. GFRC is a hybrid cementitious material consisting of a mortar of hydraulic portland cement and fine aggregate reinforced with alkali resistant glass fibre.

As GFRC specialist, we understand and ensure the following materials under the relevant regulations and requirements oif PCI and GRCA to ensure the quality of GFRC.

Constituent Materials

  1. Alkali resistant glass fibre with high zirconia content in compliance with ASTM C1666/C1666/M-07 and EN 1542
  2. Portland Cement
  3. Sand and aggregates
  4. Water
  5. Pigment that shall conform to BS EN 12878:2014. These shall be:
  • Harmless to the GFRC set and strength
  • Stable at high temperature
  • UV-resistant and alkali resistant